Racial Equity Fund

People of color represent nearly 70% of all Brooklyn’s residents, yet there are significant racial disparities in the distribution of resources and opportunities in our communities.

We strongly believe addressing racial disparities in this borough is the first essential step towards our mission of building a more fair and just Brooklyn for everyone.


A Council of local and national experts guides the Foundation’s efforts in this work. The Racial Justice Advisory Council ensures that we examine the role of race as we analyze problems, seek solutions, and define success in our grantmaking, governance, and advocacy. Working with the Council we have established clear benchmarks and outcomes to ensure that we make measurable progress towards our goals. 


We define racial equity as the systemic redistribution of power, opportunities, and access for people of all races. We believe that all people should be equally seen, heard, valued and respected. Whether through grantmaking, advocacy or special initiatives, we aim to increase the ability of people of color to determine and sustain a more equitable future for themselves and their communities.


The Racial Equity Fund supports:

Grantmaking to Brooklyn nonprofits who are addressing racial justice issues in their communities. Priority is given to organizations led by members of affected communities and who center the voices of those directly impacted by structural racism in decision-making. Special Initiatives which currently include: 

  • Brooklyn Restorative Justice Project - to address racial disparities in public school disciplinary policies and to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Brooklyn Girls of Color Fund - to support the Foundation’s participation in NYC’s Young Women’s Initiative and to bolster efforts to improve the lives of young women in Brooklyn

Advocacy & Organizing to engage other funders, as well as institutional partners, in promoting and advancing racial equity. Current examples include: grantee funding for Close Rikers; joining a funder coalition for Raise the Age and commissioning research for Islamaphobia in Brooklyn. 

Leadership & Training to advance professional development for leaders from impacted communities and to increase the capacity of organizations dedicated to social and racial justice. 

The Racial Equity Fund supports the Foundation's ongoing strategic initiatives, including trainings and capacity building around racial justice for nonprofit organizations through our Brooklyn Accelerator. This is not a separate grant program, and therefore we cannot accept funding requests at this time.