Brooklyn Greens

Launched by Brooklyn Community Foundation in 2010, Brooklyn Greens is a comprehensive three-year, $750,000 initiative to guide three distinct communities—Southside Williamsburg, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Cypress Hills—toward broad environmental improvement.

Working together, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, and El Puente have led local efforts in pursuit of more sustainable communities, using strategies that also promote their neighborhoods’ social and economic well-being.

At its core, the initiative leverages each neighborhood’s existing social infrastructure to help residents secure their fair share of new government funding, subsidies and other resources in the following areas:

  • Environmental Assessment & Brownfield Remediation
  • Weatherization & Retrofits
  • Green Open Space & Stewardship
  • Access To Healthy & Affordable Food
  • Green Job Training & Local Sustainable Businesses
  • Community Education & Organizing

Brooklyn Greens’ neighborhoods represent the borough’s architectural, economic, and cultural diversity. Each community wrestles with large-scale health and environmental challenges, underscoring an urgent need for action and improvement.

The initiative’s coordinator, Pratt Center for Community Development, has cultivated collaboration between the organizations and a network of community partners, provided technical assistance and strategic support, and tracked their progress, challenges and key results.

Brooklyn Greens maximizes the impact of the communities’ efforts while informing a borough-wide plan for increased sustainability.

Impacts to Date:

  • Leveraged over $1.6 million from other sources for community development projects
  • Brownfield Opportunity Area plans with 100+ sites
  • 220 residential retrofits
  • 200 green affordable housing units
  • New community-based energy-efficiency company, creating 6 local jobs
  • Over 1,000 new trees
  • Farmers’ market feasibility study
  • Workshops for 200+ participants
  • Youth air-monitoring initiative
  • Co-presented two community food summits
  • Greening of a child care center and community facilities
  • Environmental justice art exhibit
  • New partnerships with BIDs, Fresh Bodegas, Green Thumb, NYRP, & energy efficiency contractors


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