Why Do You Love Brooklyn?

February 10, 2012

Why do you love Brooklyn?

As Valentine’s Day approaches here at the Community Foundation, nothing sets our hearts aflutter more than thoughts of our beautiful borough.

From our claim to the world’s most famous bridge, to the wacky and wonderful boardwalk in Coney Island, and every brownstone, garden, bookstore, and pizza joint in between—we love Brooklyn more than any other place on earth.

And we have a feeling that you do, too.

Everyone has their own reason for falling in love with Brooklyn, so we asked a few friends to share theirs:
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heart"I love Brooklyn because my family migrated here from the South almost a century ago, and to me that represents so much courage to go to a new place to start a new life. I was born here, I have family that has died here, and my memories are here. Brooklyn is sacred to me."

- Laurie Cumbo, Executive Director of the


heart"I love Brooklyn because it is my home. It is where I was born, live, shop and work. I love Brooklyn because I can have a falafel sandwich, dim sum, and a taco all on the same street."

- Linda Sarsour, Director of the Arab American Association of New York in Bay Ridge


heart "I've lived in Brooklyn for almost 24 years, raising three children, and starting my organization in my dining room 10 years ago. Our office is still in Brooklyn and a majority of our girls reside in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn because there is always a park, a corner store, and a lively conversation close-by. The phrase ‘quality of life’ still has meaning here. So I'm not leaving."

- Cecilia Clark, Director of the Sadie Nash Leadership Project in Brooklyn Heights


heart"Brooklyn is the United Nations borough and in the summertime all nationalities, all races, all languages come together to have fun at Coney Island.  Hasidim sit next to homeboys on the Cyclone...Pakistanis get on line with West Africans to ride the Wonder Wheel...and hipsters stand next to Hispanics to cheer the Mermaid Parade! Sure, you can go to Orlando to visit another amusement park, but it's not the same energy or fun as going to Brooklyn's seaside resort full of half-naked New Yorkers! Forgetaboutit!"

- Dick Zigun, Artistic Director of Coney Island USA

heart“I've been here all my life. Where else can you live and have access to beautiful beaches and the cultural capital of the world? I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love my Brooklyn neighborhood of Windsor Terrace. My husband and I were both born and raised here, and we brought up both our daughters in Brooklyn. We would never leave Brooklyn.  We are here to stay!” 

- Donna Baker, Administrative Assistant at PS 39 in Park Slope

Brooklyn is first in our hearts, which is why it’s so important to us that we all work together to ensure that our borough continues to grow stronger, more beautiful, more welcoming, and full of more opportunities for everyone who calls it ‘home.’

Please join us during this season of love to pledge your commitment to Brooklyn. The impact of your donation will far outlast the bloom of a dozen roses or the sweetness of a box of chocolates. It’s your investment in the future of Brooklyn.

Please send a gift to Brooklyn today.

One gift = 2.5 million Valentines. 

Now that’s a whole lotta love!


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On Thursday, February 16th from 6-8PM, City Limits and the Brooklyn Community Foundation will host the launch celebration of the Brooklyn Bureau at the Brooklyn Historical Society. You are invited to celebrate with Brooklyn's media, arts, civic and public affairs professionals, and enjoy an evening of networking, entertainment, and food courtesy of Brooklyn-based businesses. The BkBureau.org provides investigative journalism, citizen commentary, and tools for civic engagement in Brooklyn. Must RSVP to attend.

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