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October 26, 2012


Announcing the publication of the "Civic Engagement Report" -- the first release in our "Brooklyn Trends" project

Did you know?

  • One in five adult Brooklynites is not eligible to vote due to non-citizen status; in Community District 7 (which includes Sunset Park), it is nearly 40%
  • Voter turnout in Brooklyn is well below the national average: in the 2008 Presidential Election, only 32.3% of eligible voters in Community District 11 (Bensonhurst and Bath Beach) voted; Community District 3 (Bedford Stuyvesant) had the highest participation rate at 67.6%
  • Brooklyn residents are the most generous in the city, contributing a greater proportion of their income to charity than any other borough. Borough Park and Flatbush/Midwood residents gave the highest contributions as a percentage of income to charity; Greenpoint and Sunset Park rank lowest. On average, those who are less financially well-off in Brooklyn give a greater proportion of their incomes to charity.

If you didn’t, worry not—there’s a new resource to help you get a deeper view into the civic life of our great borough and its diverse neighborhoods.

This week, in advance of the election, we released the first report in our new Brooklyn Trends project. Prepared by our research team at the Center for the Study of Brooklyn, it examines civic engagement across Brooklyn—from voter registration and campaign donations, to charitable giving, religious affiliation, Census response rates, and much more—to reveal emerging trends and disparities among our communities.

With this report, we’re hoping to help you become more informed and more empowered to take on the issues critical to Brooklyn’s future.

View the Civic Engagement Report at

Here are a few more examples of the data you’ll discover:

The entire Brooklyn Trends project will consist of nine detailed reports, to examine a broad range of indicators of civic health in our borough. In addition to Civic Engagement, reports will cover Arts and Culture, Demographics, Economy, Environment, Health, Housing, Public Safety, and Youth & Education, and will be released over the next six months.

Brooklyn Trends elevates our unique borough beyond the sentimental reflections of old Brooklyn and the hipster branding of new Brooklyn. It presents real information about real people—all 2.5 million of us living across 71 distinct neighborhoods. It’s information that can be channeled into immediate action, to bring about positive and substantive change in our borough.”

- Brooklyn Community Foundation President Marilyn Gelber

In addition to empowering residents, the reports are intended to inform and enhance the work of Brooklyn-based community groups, institutions, government, and businesses, and be a ready resource for researchers and media in the borough. 

“For me, that’s a huge part of the Foundation’s value—to be a source of knowledge about our borough and to guide donors to areas of need, so that our collective philanthropic resources can have the greatest positive impact in our communities.”

Brooklyn Community Foundation Chairman Alan Fishman

With all that’s happening in our borough, Brooklyn feels like its own “city.” We’re bigger than Boston, Atlanta, and San Francisco combined. And like any city, we deserve our own data and research.

The Brooklyn Community Foundation is making this information widely available, because we know how essential it is to decision-making. We want to make sure that all of Brooklyn's citizens are equipped to play a part in shaping its future and helping it grow stronger throughout.  

Get informed and share the info at

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