Building Community, Block by Block

August 5, 2011


Better Homes and Gardens

We’re supporting two substantial initiatives to bring Brooklynites together, through affordable housing and block beautification.

Affordable Housing for All in Red Hook

red hook homesWith nearly a decade of support from the Brooklyn Community Foundation, Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) has constructed Red Hook Homes, the single largest affordable homeownership project in the history of Red Hook.

The project created 60 units of affordable, mixed-income, cooperative housing for local low-, moderate, and middle-income families.
Not only do the homes provide a path toward home-owner
ship, but they also supply a unique setting for Red Hook residents of various economic backgrounds to truly live side-by-side.

One new homeowner told us: "I'd been visiting Red Hook as long as I've been living in Brooklyn. I've always loved the neighborhood, its proximity to the water, the history...We qualified and now live in an apartment that is big enough for us and our young son, something we never thought would be possible before. We love living here, the diversity, the landscape and the multifaceted makeup of the businesses, artists and characters that make Red Hook a unique and gratifying place to live."

“Brooklyn Community Foundation's support and vision was critical to the development of Red Hook Homes. It is thriving, and some of its new homeowners will soon celebrate their first anniversary of closing and moving in! Now, with a new opportunity for middle income homeowners to purchase at Red Hook Homes, it’s becoming even more affordable, even more diverse, and providing even more opportunities for first time homebuyers to invest in this vibrant neighborhood.”

- FAC Executive Director Michelle de la Uz

Looking for an affordable home in a dynamic waterfront community? See yourself in Red Hook? Contact FAC at 718.237.2017 x151 to learn more. Red Hook is on the rise and we’re excited to see what’s in store!

The Greenest Block(s) in Brooklyn

IMAG0175As a leading supporter of the borough’s fiercest—yet friendliest!—gardening competition, the Brooklyn Community Foundation is thrilled to congratulate the residents of East 25th Street between Clarendon Road and Avenue D in Flatbush, and the business owners of Atlantic Avenue between Bond and Nevins Streets for winning the 2011 Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest!

The contest encourages block neighbors and merchant associations to vie for the coveted title by working together to cultivate window boxes, container plantings, front gardens, storefront greenery, street tree beds and more. More than 200 blocks from nearly 30 neighborhoods participated!

Check out all the winners here.

Last year, we gave one of the largest gifts in our history—a $1.5 million challenge grant—to support the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s GreenBridge community horticulture programs, which promote urban greening through education, conservation, and creative partnerships like the Greenest Block in Brooklyn. Learn more at

“We’re thrilled to witness the growing excitement and participation in this wonderful program, and the enduring impact that beautification has had on local communities. Our goal in supporting Greenest Block and BBG's community horticulture programs is to continue to make Brooklyn the greenest, most beautiful borough in New York City.” 

- Brooklyn Community Foundation President Marilyn Gelber

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