Another Year-End Option: Donor Advised Funds

December 9, 2014


Through Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Program, you can receive an immediate 2014 tax deduction while taking your time to decide where to give—all in partnership with your community foundation.

What is a Community Foundation?

Community foundations build assets to meet community need. Nearly a century ago, community foundations created Donor Advised Funds to encourage place-based philanthropy; DAFs are now the fastest growing vehicle for charitable giving in the country.

Why Start a Donor Advised Fund? 

Our program is specifically designed to support donors who wish to grow their philanthropy. You want to support the charities you love, and we want to work with you to build philanthropy in Brooklyn.

DAFs are created through a tax-deductible gift of cash or securities of $25,000 or more. You can direct grants from your fund at your own pace, as your charitable investments earn interest, tax-free.

Why Now?

Donating securities before year-end is a great way to give more while reducing your 2014 tax liability. With no tax on capital gains, you can give up to 20% more to support important charitable work. 

Establishing a fund is easy and can be set up over the phone or by email. Contact our Donors Services team to learn more:

Sarah Shannon, Director of Philanthropy & Donor Services
T: 718.480.7504

Julia Metro, Manager of Donor Services
T: 718.480.7507