In the News

September 30, 2009
OCEAN HILL — The owners of 41 new affordable eco-friendly homes in Ocean Hill/Brownsville received their keys at a Habitat for Humanity-New York City-sponsored celebration last weekend.The ribbon-cutting at the complex — known as the Atlantic Avenue Residences, 2331 Atlantic Ave. at Eastern Parkway — marked an historic first for Habitat-NYC. This is the largest and greenest multifamily complex ever built by a Habitat affiliate in the nation, according to Josh Lockwood, executive director of Habitat-NYC. It is expected to receive LEED Gold certification, one of the highest green building ratings.
September 29, 2009
Brooklyn, which never fully recovered from merging with Manhattan and losing the Dodgers, is about to get new fuel to stoke its stubborn brand of local pride: It is now rich enough to support a major charity of its own. The Independence Community Foundation, long the largest private charity based in the borough, is changing its tax status so it can raise money rather than simply rely on income from its roughly $50 million endowment.