Brooklyn foundation looks to raise $1 million for COVID relief in honor of ‘Giving Tuesday’

What is typically a post-Thanksgiving tradition, some in Brooklyn are marking “Giving Tuesday” now as part of a global day of unity in response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

In March, the Brooklyn Community Foundation launched its COVID-19 Response Fund and so far, raised nearly $3 million.

In honor of Giving Tuesday now, the foundation is hoping to raise another $1 million by June 30.

"I actually feel grateful and honored to be able to help and to be this bridge between donors who are coming to me and saying ‘I live in Brooklyn, I care about Brooklyn, how do I help,’” says Cecilia Clarke, president and CEO of the Brooklyn Community Foundation.

Half of the money will go to the response fund and the other half will be matching donations made to about 200 local nonprofits and other organizations up to $2,500.

"I feel like we are fulfilling a need for these community-based organizations most of them run by people of color that might not otherwise be able to do what they're doing,” says Clarke.

However, the executive director says they need more funding.

"We have to raise $500,000 just to pay for food, and so yeah, we need every dime every penny. It's really going to help to sustain our communities at this moment and that's what we really need,” says Imani Henry, executive director of Equality for Flatbush.

Clarke says they're hopeful they'll reach their $1 million goal so they can continue to be a lifeline for the organizations that are a lifeline for so many.

She says they have no plans to stop or even slow down the fundraising and giving.