Brooklyn Community Foundation Receives Community Leadership Award

The Brooklyn Community Foundation was honored on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at the Pratt Area Community Council's (PACC) "Celebrating 45 Years of Building Community Together." The event was held at the Irondale Center in Forte Greene, Brooklyn. Brooklyn Community Foundation President, Marilyn Gelber, will accept the Community Leadership Award on behalf of the Foundation. Over the past decade, the Foundation has made over $300,000 in grants to PACC--much of which has supported PACC's economic development work focused on small businesses and BID development. Learn more about PACC's history here.

Initiatives performed by organizations like PACC are part of Brooklyn Community Foundation's Community Development Field of Interest Fund, which helps build the local economy by supporting neighborhood entrepreneurs and supports efforts to provide affordable housing, neighborhood stability and workforce development.

“PACC has demonstrated exceptional leadership in community development field fighting for an economically and socially integrated Brooklyn where families can take root and businesses can prosper. Brooklyn Community Foundation is proud to have supported PACC over the years and we’re honored to receive the Community Leadership Award. We look forward to continuing to pursue our mission of improving the lives of people in Brooklyn together,” said Ms. Gelber.