Invest in Youth Grant Program

Brooklyn Defender Services

Support for Brooklyn Adolescent Representation Team Project, which provides comprehensive legal representation to court-involved youth with focus on school discipline and reentry, special education placements, alternative pathways to graduation, alternatives to incarceration, and counseling.

Green City Force

Support for the implementation of two major "green jobs" workforce initiatives in Brooklyn: a partnership with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice to recruit and train young adults from NYCHA Developments with the highest crime rates and the build-out of two urban farms on NYCHA developments in Brooklyn.


Operating support to counteract the school-to-prison pipeline by elevating expectations of personal success for youth who have interfaced with the criminal justice system.

Teachers Unite

Support for the Youth-led Transformative Justice initiative to organize alternatives to suspension in up to five public schools in under-resourced and over-policed Brooklyn communities.

Center for Court Innovation

Support for Brownsville Community Justice Center's Brownsville Leadership Project, which provides court-involved youth with educational, occupational, social, and health services designed to expand their leadership roles in the community and increase community members' sense of public safety.