Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund

The Black Institute

To conduct research, provide educational opportunities that encourage political awareness and stir public debate, train new leadership, develop initiatives to build wealth and power for Black people and all people of color. The Black Institute will continue its environmental and housing justice work in Black communities across the borough.


To support leadership training and youth development and mobilize youth to advocate for a more just public school system in NYC. The organization will continue its work to dismantle segregation in New York City public schools.

Girls for Gender Equity

To continue its Participatory Action Research (PAR), combat interpersonal and institutional violence against girls and TGNC youth of color in schools, and mobilize toward a vision for safe, holistic, welcoming, and affirming schools for all students.

Project EATS

To address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine access in Brownsville and East New York through ongoing COVID-19 response programs, including outreach and education sessions at food pantries.