Immediate Response Grants: Phase 2 (April 2021)

In April 2021, we awarded $291,000 from the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund to renew support for 31 organizations that received Immediate Response grants in the first phase of the Fund (March - July 2020). Renewal grants provide targeted support to organizations serving residents disproportionately impacted by the pandemic in our priority neighborhoods of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Bushwick, Coney Island, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush, and Sunset Park.

Phase 2 Immediate Response Grant Focus Areas:

Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color | Immigrants | Low-Wage and Nontraditional WorkersAddressing Anti-Asian Bias | Women and Youth | Survivors of Domestic Violence

Urgent Needs of Black, Indigenous and other Communities of Color

  • Ascendus:  $10,000 to provide support to small business entrepreneurs of color in Brooklyn as they apply for PPP and NY Forward loan forgiveness in addition to continued lending for those excluded from traditional banking institutions.
  • Black Excellence Collective: $10,000 to provide PPP, nonperishable goods and mini cash grants to members of marginalized communities
  • Black Women's Blueprint: $10,000 to outfit a mobile support center that provides access to mental and other social support services to women and children with a focus on those harmed domestic violence
  • Coney Island Lighthouse Mission: $10,000 for emergency food distribution and deliveries to low-income residents of Coney Island
  • G-M.A.C.C. Inc: $10,000 to provide mini-cash grants to members of underserved communities to cover utility cost, purchase PPP and also meet immediate needs costs. 
  • Grameen America: $10,000 to offer a loan continuation program to members in Brooklyn communities who have been impacted by the pandemic and need assistance in maintaining their loans and credit to sustain their businesses. 
  • Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance Foundation: $10,000 to provide freshly grown produce and accurate health information to residents of Brownsville.
  • Siren - Protectors of the Rainforest, Inc: $5,000 to provide food relief for the residents of Rehab Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant.


Support for Immigrants 

  • American Council of Minority Women: $8,000 to provide emergency food and PPE distribution to immigrant and low-income families in Flatbush and Midwood.
  • Business Center for New Americans: $10,000 to support immigrant and refugee small and micro business owners with client services, webinars, assistance in accessing relief programs, emergency loans, and cash grants.
  • Mexican Coalition: $10,000 to provide culturally appropriate food distribution and preventative health support for non-English and non-Spanish speaking indigenous people of K’iche’ (Guatemala and southern Mexico) in Bushwick.
  • Hope For Desperate Hearts: $8,000 to supply members of the African Diaspora community with access to hot food cooked by culturally relevant restaurants in their neighborhoods to meet the needs of those who cannot prepare a meal where they live. A portion of this grant will also help them with covering transportation costs for some of their program participants to accesses these food resources.
  • Homecrest Community Services: $10,000 to provide emergency meal delivery to Asian seniors in Southern Brooklyn, prepared by a local Chinese restaurant.
  • Pakistani American Youth Organization: $10,000 to provide food to communities in need across Brooklyn. The organization will also implement a food delivery service to cater for those who might not be able to access their mobile units. 
  • Translatinx Networks: $10,000 to provide PPP and financial assistance to members of underserved communities in Brooklyn and to implement a telehealth program to support their access to healthcare services with the use of a mobile device. 


Support for Low Wage and Nontraditional Workers

  • Domestic Workers United: $10,000 to provide mini-grants "love offerings" to domestic workers who might not necessarily be eligible to receive or access government support 
  • Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc: $10,000 to provide emergency cash assistance, support and counseling, and up-to-date COVID-19 health information to undocumented, low-wage workers.
  • NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives: $10,000 to provide emergency cash grant assistance to members across Brooklyn and Queens communities. These emergency cash grants will be paid to cover mostly rent and utility costs.
  • UNITE HERE Local 100: $10,000 to support unemployed hospitality workers, with financial assistance and food.
  • Worker's Justice Project: $10,000 to support and protect food delivery workers and domestic workers, including providing direct cash assistance and personal protective equipment.


Addressing Anti-Asian Bias

  • Apex for Youth: $10,000 to create a series of initiatives to serve the social and emotional needs of Asian American youth who have been affected by the spread of COVID-19, with a focus on addressing racism and anti-Asian harassment.
  • Asian American Federation: $10,000 for the Advocate, Educate, and Mitigate Against Hate Initiative to coordinate protections for the Asian community in Brooklyn.
  • Chinese-American Planning Council: $10,000 to provide education and advocacy to address anti-Asian harassment, as well as disease prevention measures and support, particularly for vulnerable elderly populations.​
  • National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance: $10,000 for organizing, community healing, and mental health services for LGBTQ+ Asian American, South Asian, and Southeast Asian coalition leaders in Brooklyn, with a focus on responding to hate violence, harassment, and micro-aggressions against Asian Americans.


Support for Women and Youth

  • Caribbean Women's Health Association: $10,000 to provide financial support and baby supplies for vulnerable pregnant or postpartum clients in Central and East Brooklyn.
  • The Ladies of Hope Ministries: $10,000 to increase the number of care packages being provided to justice involved women and girls in and out of the Hope House network. 
  • Precious Dreams Foundation: $10,000 to provide care packages to youth living in foster care or transitioning from foster care systems.
  • Pure Legacee Inc: $10,000 to provide care packages to young women and girls living in underserved communities across Brooklyn, with a focus will be placed on justice involved young women and girls. 

Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence 

  • The Brave House: $10,000 to supply back to school packages to families within the Brave House network 
  • The Healing Center: $10,000 to provide support services and emergency food boxes to immigrant survivors of family violence in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.