Community Fund Grants

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Organization Yearsort descending Amount Initiative Program Project Description Neighborhoods
¡Oye! Group 2022 $33,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth To support free arts programming that engages primarily Black and Latinx youth in Bushwick, including the creation of original plays about topics relevant to the community, an annual Shakespeare program, teen poetry workshops, and acting classes and re-entry support for youth in juvenile detention facilities. Bushwick
Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) was founded in 2001 by Arab immigrant and Arab American leaders in Bay Ridge to advocate for the community in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Today, AAANY serves Brooklyn’s Arab immigrant, refugee, and Muslim communities, helping over 6,000 beneficiaries annually through its women’s empowerment and adult literacy programs, immigration legal assistance, mental health and domestic violence support services, and youth programming. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AAANY has transitioned to virtual programming and has transformed its office into a direct relief hub, distributing 22,000+ food boxes and $450,000 in direct cash for clients in crisis, creating a laptop lending program, and working with community partners to provide relief to domestic violence survivors. Boroughwide
Carroll Gardens Association 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To support tenants and immigrant domestic workers in their advocacy for permanent affordable housing, cooperative economics, and domestic worker rights. Bay Ridge, Bedford Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush, Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Sunset Park
YVote/Next Gen Politics 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth For youth-led civic engagement programming including organizing and creating policy proposals around economic mobility, food justice, housing security, civic opportunities, and mental health; peer-led workshops for schools and community groups; regular teen summits and cohort-based institutes; and training to become peer facilitators. Boroughwide
Center for NuLeadership on Human Justice and Healing 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For programs that divert neighborhood youth from arrest proceedings by developing pre-arrest diversion options for law-officers. Bedford Stuyvesant
New York State Youth Leadership Council 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support undocumented immigrant youth organizing around access to higher education and healthcare, protection from deportation, and the right to work. Boroughwide, Sunset Park, Prospect Heights
Parent-Child Relationship Association Inc. 2022 $33,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a comprehensive range of services to improve parent-child relationships in families with teenagers, promote youth empowerment and positive development, and address the social needs of Chinese immigrant families in Sunset Park via social services and support, civic and community engagement, and youth-led community programming. Sunset Park
Black Women's Blueprint 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Black Women's Blueprint was founded in Brooklyn in 2008, and is a lifeline for survivors of gender-based violence, and provides birth education and maternal health support. The organization’s Sexual Abuse to Maternal Mortality Pipeline report and institute has pioneered a campaign to desilo these movements and affirm the link between trauma healing and maternal health. Each year, it engages doulas, midwives, birth-workers, and sexual assault advocates to reach 5,000 survivors at 50 different locations through its Sistas Van mobile health unit, and trains 800 clinicians and medical personnel. In addition, it is building a Reconciliation Center in Upstate New York to offer Brooklyn women space to heal and give birth safely. Boroughwide
Documented 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To expand its collaborative, culturally-relevant investigative news model to the Chinese and Caribbean communities in NYC. Boroughwide
Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To increase economic and physical accessibility of local businesses and green spaces as well as support age-friendly advocacy days, socialization and active events, and political education. Bedford Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Fort Greene
Center for Urban Pedagogy 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a program for high school students that centers on engaging young people to understand policies and structures that affect their neighborhood, promoting civic engagement and supporting their capacity as community leaders. Boroughwide
Recess 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a youth-led alternative to incarceration program that uses contemporary art to give voices to young people. Using visual storytelling, youth cohorts dismantle the narrative of the “criminal” in their community, creating long term solutions to catalyze generational wealth within their communities. Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Canarsie, Flatbush, Coney Island
Children’s Defense Fund-New York 2022 $24,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To address the disproportionate impact of poverty on children, with work that includes: partnering with young people on social justice advocacy; running a summer program in Brooklyn’s juvenile detention facilities; and launching a 2-year pilot project led by foster system-impacted youth that will be the first direct cash transfer program (Universal Basic Income) to support former foster youth who have “aged out” of care across the city. Boroughwide
Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) is a Black-led, membership-based organization of primarily low-to-moderate income Central Brooklyn residents founded in 2011. BMC builds power and self-determination in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights’ Black communities by nurturing local leadership, waging campaigns, and winning concrete improvements in people’s lives. Through intersectional organizing, BMC addresses a range of issues that define a whole community, including police accountability and community safety, food sovereignty, environmental justice, anti-gentrification media production, electoral justice, and tenant organizing. Boroughwide
Freedom To Thrive 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To support a network of national and local immigrant rights groups organizing to end punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. Boroughwide
Red Hook Community Justice Center 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Launched in 2000, the Red Hook Community Justice Center works to strengthen Red Hook and surrounding areas by reducing crime and the use of incarceration, improving public trust in justice, and collaborating with the community to solve local problems. At the Justice Center, a single judge hears cases that ordinarily would go to three different courts: civil, family, and criminal. Whenever possible, cases are resolved through a restorative, problem-solving approach that seeks to repair harm and address the underlying issues that bring individuals into the justice system. The Justice Center also serves as a hub for an array of unconventional programs that are available to litigants as a means of resolving their cases, as well as to the community at large. Red Hook
JMAC for Families 2023 $5,000 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To support harm reduction efforts and advocacy for birthing people who use substances, including working on the Informed Consent BIll (4285A), which would require NY hospitals to obtain consent from pregnant and birthing patients before drug testing them and their babies. Boroughwide
Council of Peoples Organization 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant Engaging Muslim, Arab, and South Asian older adults with a culturally competent food pantry and Meals on Wheels program (including Halal options) that support isolated community members, immigration legal services, health insurance and benefits screening and enrollments, civics classes, domestic violence prevention, an older adult center, and more. Midwood
The Hannah Legacy 2023 $5,000 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To support holistic harm reduction programming including overdose education, counseling, referrals to treatment for infectious diseases and substance use disorders, distribution of opioid overdose reversal medications, and more. Boroughwide
Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant Advocating for incarcerated older adults — some of whom are the oldest and sickest people incarcerated in New York State — to have a more meaningful parole review process and the opportunity to be considered for parole release, campaigning for the proposed Elder Parole and Fair and Timely Parole Bills. Boroughwide
Brooklyn Workforce Innovations (BWI) 2023 $25,000 Fishman Family Fund for Economic Opportunity To support workforce development programming that connects low- and moderate-income people with living wage employment opportunities in commercial driving, film and television production and post-production, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), woodworking, and tech industries. Boroughwide
The Doula Program 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To support increased and more diverse staffing for outreach, administration, and coordination to make training for end-of-life doula volunteers more diverse, as well as to hire an additional social worker to support its new referring model that recognizes and addresses the unique experiences of Black older adults who are nearing the end of their lives. Boroughwide
NYC NOWC 2023 $25,000 Fishman Family Fund for Economic Opportunity For programming that supports New York City worker cooperatives and worker-owners — particualatly in historically marginalized communities — throughorganizing, advocacy, technical assistance, leadership development, training, and by providing direct grants. Boroughwide
GRIOT Circle 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant Developing a new headquarters to serve as their LGBTQ+ older adult community center, following the loss of their previous in-kind space. Boroughwide
Global Trauma Research Inc. 2023 $5,000 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To provide 24-hour crisis intervention and culturally and spiritually specific individual long-term trauma counseling to participants with histories of substance misuse. ​ Boroughwide
NYC Together 2023 $5,000 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To co-create and implement a harm reduction training guide with impacted population to use in programming. Boroughwide
Access Justice Brooklyn 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To expand legal programming for older adults and assign a staff attorney to guide older clients through estate planning, guardianship, homeowner assistance and foreclosure prevention, advanced life planning, asset assistance, and more. Boroughwide
Asian American Federation 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To support a range of direct services and policy campaigns focused on Asian American older adults, including the creation of a culturally competent, multilingual mental health directory and leading the only advocacy coalition in NY State focused on AAPI older adults. Boroughwide
Brooklyn Community Pride Center 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To engage older adults through community forums and focus groups, training and resources, policy advocacy, support groups, legal services, mental health counseling, and HIV testing and prevention services. Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights North, Crown Heights
CABS Health Network 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To support older adults, especially BIPOC, Latinx, and immigrant residents, providing homecare services and training home health aides, expanding access to food and vaccines, raising awareness on scams and abuse, providing education on nutrition and mobility, collaborating with local doctors to track service success and client health outcomes, and more. Boroughwide
Heights and Hills 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To hire more bilingual staff and expand their caregiver support programming, access to referral and respite services, home visit volunteer program, and older adult center services that holistically promote aging in place and social support to prevent isolation. Boroughwide
Arab-American Family Support Center 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Arab-American Family Support Center (AAFSC) has provided culturally and linguistically competent, trauma-informed social services to low-income immigrants and refugees in New York City since 1994. AAFSC's services promote mental and physical well-being, prevent child abuse and work to end gender-based violence, provide the tools for learners of every age to succeed, and uplift the voices and needs of under-represented communities. Their programs include adult education, youth enrichment, mental health counseling, domestic violence support, health insurance enrollment and education, legal services, and more. In addition to offering direct services, the AAFSC Research Institute is a trusted source for information and publications on the voices and experiences of Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, Muslim, and South Asian (AMENAMSA) communities. Their staff speak over 30 languages, enabling them to serve populations that mainstream providers struggle to reach.  Boroughwide, Cobble Hill, Downtown
The YWCA of Brooklyn 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To expand aging in place programming for older adults living in YWCA housing, supporting independent living skills, medical needs, and end-of-life preparation for residents, many of whom are women of color that have experienced gender-based violence, racism, homelessness, and poverty. Boroughwide
Kings Against Violence Initiative 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) was founded in 2009 by Dr. Robert Gore, an Emergency Room physician who felt compelled to address the rising incidence of violence among youth in Central Brooklyn. KAVI works to prevent and eliminate interpersonal violence from the lives of young people through social justice advocacy, peer leadership, and community mobilization in hospitals, schools, and community settings. Through community and school programs, they serve over 300 youth annually, and have helped hundreds of youth overcome a history of violence and behavioral issues to graduate from high school and attend college. Through their hospital program, they engage and support over 750 patients each year and have reduced hospital recidivism rates by over 75% percent by providing up to a year of follow-up support and care for youth patients admitted with assault-related injuries. Bedford Stuyvesant, East Flatbush, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Brownsville
Bloom Again Brooklyn 2023 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To support programming that provides older Brooklynites with upcycled flowers on a weekly basis, which requires purchasing and securing refrigerators for flower arrangements, hiring drivers, and buying permanent transportation vehicles. Boroughwide