Community Fund Grants

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Organization Yearsort ascending Amount Initiative Program Project Description Neighborhoods
The Osborne Association 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant Case management services for formerly incarcerated older adults and families of those currently imprisoned, advocates for sentencing and parole reforms, and trains older adults to use their experience in the justice system to become outspoken voices for change. Fort Greene, Bedford Stuyvesant, Bushwick, Brownsville, Boroughwide
Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a Cultural Arts program that provides multi disciplinary instruction and intergenerational programming that celebrates the rich heritage of the African Diaspora. Boroughwide, Crown Heights, Flatbush
Safe Passage Project 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For free legal services and representation to meet the unmet needs of immigrant and undocumented children in partnership with community high schools. Boroughwide
Caribbean Women's Health Association 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To provide immigration legal support, classes to expectant and new mothers, doulas to low-income women, as well as access to a food pantry and HIV/AIDS prevention education, testing, and counseling. Boroughwide
viBe Theater Experience 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth To support programming that engages girls and young women of color to write, create, publish, direct, and perform personal collaborative theater and music.` Boroughwide
America on Tech 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support the East New York/Brownsville Summer Tech Camp, and the Youth Design Center, a gateway for young people to learn marketable hard skills in STEAM, access post-secondary education, achieve mobility, and engage in place-based community revitalization. East New York, Brownsville
ImmSchools 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a program that advocates for the interest of the immigrant community by creating internships for students that do not qualify for city programs, including undocumented students. Boroughwide
Sadie Nash Leadership Project 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support programs that engage youth of color and their experiences to discuss race, identity, power, and privilege, and to build community, critical consciousness, and college and career readiness. Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Flatbush, East New York, Canarsie, Brownsville
Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) was founded in 2001 by Arab immigrant and Arab American leaders in Bay Ridge to advocate for the community in the wake of the September 11th attacks. Today, AAANY serves Brooklyn’s Arab immigrant, refugee, and Muslim communities, helping over 6,000 beneficiaries annually through its women’s empowerment and adult literacy programs, immigration legal assistance, mental health and domestic violence support services, and youth programming. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AAANY has transitioned to virtual programming and has transformed its office into a direct relief hub, distributing 22,000+ food boxes and $450,000 in direct cash for clients in crisis, creating a laptop lending program, and working with community partners to provide relief to domestic violence survivors. Boroughwide
Carroll Gardens Association 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To support tenants and immigrant domestic workers in their advocacy for permanent affordable housing, cooperative economics, and domestic worker rights. Bay Ridge, Bedford Stuyvesant, Bensonhurst, Brownsville, Bushwick, Canarsie, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, East New York, Flatbush, Prospect Heights, Red Hook, Sunset Park
Youth Design Center 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth For a community-based creative agency and community design center that provides a gateway for young people to learn marketable skills in STEAM, access higher education, achieve economic mobility, and become civic leaders. Youth Design Center was formerly known as “Made in Brownsville.” Brownsville
Brooklyn College Community Partnership 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support an after school program that provides mentorship, access to Brooklyn College's resources, and dedicated, year-round academic and interdisciplinary support to under-resourced students across Brooklyn schools. Boroughwide
Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For the hospital-based violence interruption program and in-school and community-based discussion groups and workshops. East New York, Brownsville, Flatbush
¡Oye! Group 2022 $33,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth To support free arts programming that engages primarily Black and Latinx youth in Bushwick, including the creation of original plays about topics relevant to the community, an annual Shakespeare program, teen poetry workshops, and acting classes and re-entry support for youth in juvenile detention facilities. Bushwick
Parent-Child Relationship Association Inc. 2022 $33,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a comprehensive range of services to improve parent-child relationships in families with teenagers, promote youth empowerment and positive development, and address the social needs of Chinese immigrant families in Sunset Park via social services and support, civic and community engagement, and youth-led community programming. Sunset Park
Black Women's Blueprint 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Black Women's Blueprint was founded in Brooklyn in 2008, and is a lifeline for survivors of gender-based violence, and provides birth education and maternal health support. The organization’s Sexual Abuse to Maternal Mortality Pipeline report and institute has pioneered a campaign to desilo these movements and affirm the link between trauma healing and maternal health. Each year, it engages doulas, midwives, birth-workers, and sexual assault advocates to reach 5,000 survivors at 50 different locations through its Sistas Van mobile health unit, and trains 800 clinicians and medical personnel. In addition, it is building a Reconciliation Center in Upstate New York to offer Brooklyn women space to heal and give birth safely. Boroughwide
Documented 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To expand its collaborative, culturally-relevant investigative news model to the Chinese and Caribbean communities in NYC. Boroughwide
YVote/Next Gen Politics 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth For youth-led civic engagement programming including organizing and creating policy proposals around economic mobility, food justice, housing security, civic opportunities, and mental health; peer-led workshops for schools and community groups; regular teen summits and cohort-based institutes; and training to become peer facilitators. Boroughwide
Center for NuLeadership on Human Justice and Healing 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For programs that divert neighborhood youth from arrest proceedings by developing pre-arrest diversion options for law-officers. Bedford Stuyvesant
New York State Youth Leadership Council 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support undocumented immigrant youth organizing around access to higher education and healthcare, protection from deportation, and the right to work. Boroughwide, Sunset Park, Prospect Heights
Children’s Defense Fund-New York 2022 $24,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To address the disproportionate impact of poverty on children, with work that includes: partnering with young people on social justice advocacy; running a summer program in Brooklyn’s juvenile detention facilities; and launching a 2-year pilot project led by foster system-impacted youth that will be the first direct cash transfer program (Universal Basic Income) to support former foster youth who have “aged out” of care across the city. Boroughwide
Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) is a Black-led, membership-based organization of primarily low-to-moderate income Central Brooklyn residents founded in 2011. BMC builds power and self-determination in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights’ Black communities by nurturing local leadership, waging campaigns, and winning concrete improvements in people’s lives. Through intersectional organizing, BMC addresses a range of issues that define a whole community, including police accountability and community safety, food sovereignty, environmental justice, anti-gentrification media production, electoral justice, and tenant organizing. Boroughwide
Freedom To Thrive 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To support a network of national and local immigrant rights groups organizing to end punishment-based criminal and immigration systems. Boroughwide
Red Hook Community Justice Center 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Launched in 2000, the Red Hook Community Justice Center works to strengthen Red Hook and surrounding areas by reducing crime and the use of incarceration, improving public trust in justice, and collaborating with the community to solve local problems. At the Justice Center, a single judge hears cases that ordinarily would go to three different courts: civil, family, and criminal. Whenever possible, cases are resolved through a restorative, problem-solving approach that seeks to repair harm and address the underlying issues that bring individuals into the justice system. The Justice Center also serves as a hub for an array of unconventional programs that are available to litigants as a means of resolving their cases, as well as to the community at large. Red Hook
Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To increase economic and physical accessibility of local businesses and green spaces as well as support age-friendly advocacy days, socialization and active events, and political education. Bedford Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Fort Greene
Center for Urban Pedagogy 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a program for high school students that centers on engaging young people to understand policies and structures that affect their neighborhood, promoting civic engagement and supporting their capacity as community leaders. Boroughwide
Recess 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a youth-led alternative to incarceration program that uses contemporary art to give voices to young people. Using visual storytelling, youth cohorts dismantle the narrative of the “criminal” in their community, creating long term solutions to catalyze generational wealth within their communities. Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Bushwick, Canarsie, Flatbush, Coney Island
Churches United For Fair Housing, Inc. 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For programming that engages youth in community organizing for housing justice, including a summer youth program where teenagers learn about organizing and advocacy around issues such as gentrification and segregation. Boroughwide
Groundswell Community Mural Project 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Groundswell Community Mural Project was founded in 1996 to bring together artists, youth, and community organizations to use art as a tool for social change. Its projects beautify neighborhoods, engage youth in societal and personal transformation, and give expression to ideas and perspectives that are underrepresented in the public dialogue. Each year, Groundswell engages over 450 youth, led by trained teaching artists, and in partnership with community partner organizations and city agencies, in the presentation of afterschool, summer, school-based, and community commissioned programs. In addition, Groundswell hosts free, often youth-led, events and programs for the general public. Boroughwide
Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To support Haitian refugees’ access to Temporary Protected Status through education, community organizing, leadership development, collective action, and advocacy. Boroughwide
The Brownsville Partnership 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To support programs that engage, empower, and employ residents across the age spectrum on issues of housing, public space, community infrastructure, and economic development. Brownsville
Court Appointed Special Advocates of NYC 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support the Youth Leadership Council (YLC), a program of currently or formerly in foster care youth that plan advocacy and training activities, advise on policies and practices, and receive ongoing support regarding their own personal and professional development and stability while serving as advisors and ambassadors of CASA-NYC to volunteers and supporters, the broader child welfare/court community, and the general public. Boroughwide
Red Hook Initiative 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support an initiative that promotes social and economic justice in Red Hook while cultivating local leadership and strengthening the future of youth development through academic support, leadership training, part-time employment, college guidance, emotional health support, opportunities, and services that prepare youths for a self-sufficient, civically-active adulthood. Red Hook
Day One New York, Inc. 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For programs to end dating abuse and intimate partner violence among youth by connecting survivors to direct support services including counseling and case management, legal representation, and preventive and peer-led education. Boroughwide
Weeksville Heritage Center 2022 $100,000 Spark Prize Spark Prize Weeksville Heritage Center upholds the legacy of one of the largest free Black communities in pre-Civil War America, using historic preservation, education, the arts, and a social justice lens to keep this unique chapter of American history relevant and resonant for contemporary audiences, particularly Black residents in Central Brooklyn. The Weeksville Heritage Center is the steward of the historic Hunterfly Road Houses, and serves as an education space, community hub, and presenter of free or low-cost recreational and artistic programming—all with a nexus to the Weeksville legacy of self-determination. Having emerged from a crippling financial crisis in 2019, Weeksville reestablished a record of fiscal accountability under a new strategic plan, and was included in New York City’s esteemed Cultural Institutions Group in 2020. Boroughwide