Community Fund Grants

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Organization Yearsort descending Amount Initiative Program Project Description Neighborhoods
Day One New York, Inc. 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth For programs to end dating abuse and intimate partner violence among youth by connecting survivors to direct support services including counseling and case management, legal representation, and preventive and peer-led education. Boroughwide
United Chinese Association of Brooklyn 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant To provide cultural activities, food, crafts and games, English and naturalization classes, and social assistance for older east-Asian immigrants while combating anti-Asian violence and addressing community safety concerns. Sunset Park, Bensonhurst
Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support programs that serve Haitian immigrant youth to develop their capacity as productive community members, and understand their collective power to fight for their right to quality education, ensuring long-term access to other resources for a better life outcome. Boroughwide
United Community Centers 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support the operation and management of one of the city’s largest youth-led farms as well as a sexual health-focused peer education program. East New York
Health and Education Alternatives for Teens (HEAT) Program 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support developmentally and culturally competent wraparound services for LGBTQ+ youth of color, centering clients in all decisions about their treatment and care plans, with services spanning STI and HIV prevention and treatment (including PEP and PreP), hormone therapy for trans and gender non-conforming youth, and mental healthcare. Boroughwide
Ali Forney Center 2022 $72,500 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To support services provided to 2,000+ LGBTQIA+ youth at a 24/7 drop-in center, and 17 emergency and transitional housing sites, as well as to hire a substance misuse treatment counselor to work at 14 housing sites, including 9 in Brooklyn. Boroughwide
The New York Immigration Coalition 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To advocate for New York’s immigrants and refugees and push for equitable legislation by partnering with national and regional advocates, nonprofits, and bipartisan elected officials. Boroughwide
First Tech Fund, Inc 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth For programs to close the digital divide for low-income high schoolers by providing access to technology, career and college guidance, and engaging youth as part of an advisory board. Students receive free laptops and internet access, targeted advising and networking, and mentorship from industry-specific professionals. Boroughwide
Council of Peoples Organization 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant For ongoing case management and supportive services to the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian community, with a specific focus on serving older adults through their halal senior center and a halal meals-on-wheels program, the first in New York City. Midwood, Kensington
Flex Dance Program 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program To support a Flex Dance and creative mentorship program aimed at reducing the likelihood of recidivism and re-entry for young people in secure detention centers. Boroughwide
UPROSE 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For community organizing, public education, and leadership programs for youth that advance environmental sustainability and resiliency. Sunset Park, South Slope, Gowanus
YVote/Next Gen Politics 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth Grant Program For youth-led civic engagement programming including organizing and creating policy proposals around economic mobility, food justice, housing security, civic opportunities, and mental health; peer-led workshops for schools and community groups; regular teen summits and cohort-based institutes; and training to become peer facilitators. Boroughwide
Brooklyn Community Housing and Services 2022 $72,500 Wellness and Recovery Fund Wellness and Recovery Fund To support housing for 1,000+ people who experience homelessness annually, including transitional and permanent housing, as well as substance misuse counselors and skilled clinicians for all new housing developments. Boroughwide
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project 2022 $45,000 Immigrant Rights Fund To provide support, direct services, and community for LGBTQIA+ individuals currently in, recently released from, or at risk of entering immigration detention. Boroughwide
GrowHouse NYC 2022 $45,000 Invest in Youth Invest in Youth To support arts and activism programming that connects young Black creatives and activists to older artists for support and mentorship, including a gap year program for Black high school graduates to learn about equitable design, power, organizing, and history through workshops, travel, and a community design school. Bedford Stuyvesant
Flatbush Development Corporation 2022 $45,000 Brooklyn Elders Fund Brooklyn Elders Fund Grant Flatbush Tenant Coalition organizes older adults across 300 buildings in Central Brooklyn, with a focus on educating the community on housing laws and tenants’ rights, advocating for policy change, and expanding access to entitlements and benefits. Flatbush, Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Arab-American Family Support Center 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Arab-American Family Support Center (AAFSC) has provided culturally and linguistically competent, trauma-informed social services to low-income immigrants and refugees in New York City since 1994. AAFSC's services promote mental and physical well-being, prevent child abuse and work to end gender-based violence, provide the tools for learners of every age to succeed, and uplift the voices and needs of under-represented communities. Their programs include adult education, youth enrichment, mental health counseling, domestic violence support, health insurance enrollment and education, legal services, and more. In addition to offering direct services, the AAFSC Research Institute is a trusted source for information and publications on the voices and experiences of Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, Muslim, and South Asian (AMENAMSA) communities. Their staff speak over 30 languages, enabling them to serve populations that mainstream providers struggle to reach.  Boroughwide, Cobble Hill, Downtown
Kings Against Violence Initiative 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) was founded in 2009 by Dr. Robert Gore, an Emergency Room physician who felt compelled to address the rising incidence of violence among youth in Central Brooklyn. KAVI works to prevent and eliminate interpersonal violence from the lives of young people through social justice advocacy, peer leadership, and community mobilization in hospitals, schools, and community settings. Through community and school programs, they serve over 300 youth annually, and have helped hundreds of youth overcome a history of violence and behavioral issues to graduate from high school and attend college. Through their hospital program, they engage and support over 750 patients each year and have reduced hospital recidivism rates by over 75% percent by providing up to a year of follow-up support and care for youth patients admitted with assault-related injuries. Bedford Stuyvesant, East Flatbush, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Brownsville
Mixteca 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Mixteca Organization was established in 2000 in Sunset Park to address critical needs in health care, mental health, education, social and legal issues facing the growing Mexican and Latin American immigrant community in Brooklyn. In 2016, in response to the increasingly hostile, anti-immigrant political climate, Mixteca increased efforts to provide information, support, and build a grassroots advocacy group led by staff, volunteers, and Promotoras (community advocates). During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mixteca was among the first to respond and provide emergency relief to the Latinx and Indigenous immigrant community, providing a lifeline to the disproportionately impacted undocumented immigrant community who were largely excluded from federal and state aid. Sunset Park
STEM From Dance 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize STEM From Dance was founded in Brooklyn in 2012 to empower girls of color with the know-how, experience, and confidence to dream big in STEM—all through the power of dance. STEM from Dance offers programs for girls of color ages 10-18: afterschool residencies in partnership with NYC Title I schools, and Girls Rise Up, an intensive three-week summer program. Through both programs, girls learn the fundamentals of dance and technology and use technology to create unique, engaging choreographed dances. Participants learn how to use circuits to create outfits that light up with their dancing, code drones to dance alongside them, code a brand-new song to dance to, and more. Boroughwide
Workers Justice Project 2023 $100,000 Brooklyn Accelerator Spark Prize Workers Justice Project (WJP) is a New York City workers’ rights hub that has been spearheading new ways of labor organizing and empowering workers to gain a voice in the workplace since 2010. WJP is building a diverse membership base and developing the skills of worker leaders who understand the connection between the barriers they face and systemic racism, while providing Spanish-language services, training and organizing. WJP has created over 5,000 construction and house cleaning jobs in the past five years that have resulted in $4.9 million in salaries. Additional achievements include securing six landmark policies to “Deliver Justice'' for 65,000 app-based delivery workers in 2021, and distributing $2.5 million in cash relief to essential workers and excluded workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Williamsburg, Bushwick, Sunset Park