Sarah Williams & Andrew Kimball

Sarah : BCF Board Member and Co-Founder and Director, Propel Capital -- Andrew : CEO, Industry City
Why Brooklyn?
We love the diversity of people and communities in Brooklyn—it’s just an amazing place. We’ve chosen to live here for 30 years, raise our children here, develop jobs along the Brooklyn waterfront, and be involved with many Brooklyn institutions.
Why partner with the Foundation?
The Foundation is trying to reimagine what’s possible through donor and organization relationships. We are grateful to be able to support the work of people who are on the front lines making change, and the Foundation makes it very easy to get funding to them. 
To have a Community Foundation with an ear to the ground to tell us what are the urgent issues affecting communities right now, and what are the strategies for addressing those issues, is an incredible gift for donors.
Why a DAF?
We have always felt like one of the most important things to do with our time and resources is to support changemakers and nonprofit leaders in Brooklyn. We support a lot of different organizations, so creating a DAF at the Foundation enables us to do that easily and track it simply.
It also means that while we’re making decisions on organizations, all those funds are housed at the Foundation and we know that the fees and assets are going toward Brooklyn as we are giving them away. We want our money to work for Brooklyn.