Sara Mejias Gonzalez

Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund Supporter

We spoke with Sara in Fall 2020 about what inspired her to give to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund.

Why did you give to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund?

I gave to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund because I wanted my money to go towards the community that I live in - Brooklyn - and I felt confident that a community foundation would be the right place to know which community based organizations needed the money the most during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How did you feel at the time you decided to give to the Fund?

At the time that I gave to the fund, I felt empathetic for how hard New York was being hit with COVID-19 and how many people in the immigrant community were being disproportionately affected by the pandemic because of systematic problems with the distribution of wealth and having access to quality medical services. As an immigrant myself, I felt like giving to the Response Fund was the best way to give directly to other immigrants who were being hit hard by COVID-19. 

What are your concerns for Brooklyn right now?

I feel hopeful for Brooklyn, I think New Yorkers in general will bounce back from the setback that COVID-19 caused economically, but will be more creative in how they serve people and will be more health conscious in the long term. I do worry about the upcoming winter, I hope that the eviction hault will be extended and that people that are still being hit hard by the pandemic will continue to get the support that they need while the economy recovers. 


Image courtesy of Sara Mejias Gonzalez.