Nicole Gueron & Judy Gueron

Nicole : BCF Board Member and Founding Partner, Clarick Gueron Reisbaum LLP -- Judy : President Emerita, MDRC

How did you get involved with the Foundation?

Nicole: Several years ago, as my financial advisor started talking to me about Donor Advised Funds, I remembered that Cecilia, whom I had gotten to know on the sidelines of our daughters’ soccer games, was now the Foundation’s president. The more I learned from her about the Foundation’s strategic plan and the impressive depth of its knowledge and expertise, the more I wanted to play a meaningful role.

Judy: When I considered a Donor Advised Fund, I much preferred working with a community foundation that mobilizes resources with an understanding of the needs of local communities, rather than working with a big national foundation, as I’ve done before.

What does philanthropy mean to your family?

Judy: My husband and I have always viewed our resources in a multi-generational context. Our philanthropic interests coincided with the Foundation’s, so as Nicole got involved, it became a perfect way to meld our interests.

Nicole: For me, philanthropy is a mandate for living a moral life. It is integral to the impact I want to have in the world.

Why Brooklyn Community Foundation?

Nicole: The Foundation offers expertise about a place that I love and want to help, and a vital philanthropic vision of how to be an effective giver. Staff also bring attention to organizations you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Judy: The Foundation keeps words like “fair” and “just” at the forefront as Brooklyn rapidly changes. That’s very important to maintaining the soul of a very unique community.