Maria Buck

University Director, The City University of New York

We spoke with Maria Buck in early 2021 about what inspired her to give to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund, and why she decided to become a monthly donor to Brooklyn Community Foundation. 

What motivated you to support the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund?

From the beginning of the pandemic, I saw the disparate impact it was having across the community and wanted to help. I am fortunate to remain fully employed and working from home, so I intentionally sought ways to support communities in need. I was amazed at how quickly Brooklyn Community Foundation mobilized the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund and got the money into the hands of organizations on the ground, meeting this crisis head on. Most important to me was the equity approach to this fund, supporting organizations led by Black, indigenous, and people of color community members.

Why did you decide to give regularly to Brooklyn Community Foundation?

Giving is a habit. Just like saving, you have to make a concerted, consistent effort. I’ve supported Brooklyn Community Foundation previously, but with this crisis I made a conscientious decision to make recurring donations to organizations aligned with my values. Having worked in the nonprofit field for most of my career, I know consistent, stable funding is the lifeblood for organizations. Supporting community foundations is an easy way to increase the impact of my donation by pooling it with others, supporting multiple causes and organizations that matter to me, all while targeting my community.  

What do you hope for Brooklyn right now​?

As challenging as the last year has been, I feel more connected to Brooklyn (not commuting to Manhattan everyday has helped!) and am hopeful that this connection continues as we rebuild. I hope our “new normal” looks radically different than the recent past and we address the systemic issues of racial and economic inequities that COVID-19 laid bare for all to see.



 Image courtesy of Maria Buck.