Jenna Mandel-Ricci

Vice President of Regulatory and Professional Affairs, Greater New York Hospital Association

Why did you give to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund?

In the darkest days of the spring, I knew so many of my Brooklyn neighbors were hurting. I trusted the Brooklyn Community Foundation to extend support to on-the-ground organizations that were providing direct and immediate relief in ways that mattered most. 

How did you feel at the time that you decided to give the Fund?

I felt so grateful for the stability I had – good health, a home, food, and resources -- and knew there were so many who had lost or were losing that stability. With each passing month, I worry more for my neighbors who are struggling. 

What are your concerns for Brooklyn right now?

Emergencies of any kind expose and exacerbate inequities. In our lifetime we have never experienced an emergency of such intensity and duration. I worry very much about the immediate toll on individuals, families and communities, and how our ability to respond (or not) will shape Brooklyn for years to come.



 Image courtesy of  Jenna Mandel-Ricci.