Eliza Winans Rossman

Donor Advisor, Rossman Family Fund

ALLINBKLYN is a women’s philanthropic initiative loosely modeled on the traditional giving circle, for which the Foundation provides oversight and administrative support on all grantmaking activities. In 2014, Eliza Winans Rossman recruited 41 likeminded women to form a grantmaking community that benefits from a level of impact most donors cannot achieve on their own. Over the past two years, ALLINBKLYN members have awarded nearly $450,000 to nonprofits throughout Brooklyn.

Eliza also has her own Donor Advised Fund, through which she supports the charities she and her family care about, like Heights and Hills, a service provider for older adults living in Brooklyn.

"ALLINBKLYN is committed to advancing philanthropy in Brooklyn in a way that we feel is greater than the sum of its parts—a mission we share with Brooklyn Community Foundation. It is incredibly rewarding to be part of this hard working, successful group of women, all of whom are showing such generosity and passion for supporting local nonprofits. Our model of collective leadership truly represents the generosity and strength of our borough, and the Foundation makes it all possible by providing the critical administrative support we need to focus our efforts 100% on effective grantmaking."