Giving Circles

Giving Circles allow a group of like-minded donors to pool their resources in order to make high impact grants to organizations working in fields they care most about.

Brooklyn Community Foundation hosts Giving Circles for groups of five or more donors whose collective vision aligns with that of the Foundation.

The Foundation collects and acknowledges all donations to Giving Circles, offers guidance on prospective grantees, completes all required vetting of recipient organizations, and handles grant distribution. Due to the high volume of activity associated with Giving Circles, a 5% fee on all incoming donations is assessed by the Foundation.



  • Pool collective resources to increase the impact of your giving
  • Please consult Foundation staff regarding initial contribution required to establish a Giving Circle and for further information on the fee
  • Make an initial contribution via stock transfer, appreciated securities, real estate, check, or credit card
  • Multiple investment options
  • 5% fee on all incoming donations
  • All contributions are 100% tax deductible and the Foundation acknowledges all members for their contributions
  • Guidance and advice from Foundation staff
  • Due diligence and grants administration handled by Foundation staff