Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund: Phase 1 (March - July 2020)


​Image Courtesy of Tiffiney Davis/Red Hook Art Project

In early March 2020, as it became apparent that the novel coronavirus had not only arrived in New York City, but also reached a point of uncontained spread, Brooklyn Community Foundation’s Board of Directors convened an emergency call to launch the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund. Following weeks of planning, the Board allocated $500,000 from the endowment—in addition to pledging significant personal contributions—to seed emergency and longer-term grantmaking efforts.

From the start, the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund aligned with the Foundation’s longstanding commitment to racial justice and prioritized support for nonprofits led by and serving Black, indigenous, and other people of color.

We anticipated that these communities would undoubtedly face far more damaging economic, social, and health impacts from the pandemic due to structural racism and systems of oppression that have denied access to basic protections like adequate healthcare, safe housing and employment, and financial security.


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Anonymous (2)
Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
Bird Brooklyn
BNY Mellon Community Partnership Program†
CABS Home Attendants Service, Inc.
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Cumberland Packing Corporation
Goldman Sachs†
Permira Advisors LLC
​Sheehan Family Companies
Take-Two Interactive Software
TikTok Inc. 
Värde Partners†
Viking Global Foundation, Inc.†
*Racial Equity Fund Donor
†Employee Matching Program


Anonymous (5) 
The Ananda Fund
The Bay and Paul Foundations
The Beta Foundation
Cannupa Foundation
The Commonwealth Fund
David and Katherine Moore Family Foundation
DJ McManus Foundation
Elma Philanthropies
The Endeavor Foundation
Erie Family Foundation
The Eugene M. Lang Foundation
Ford Foundation
Gantcher Family Foundation
Gates Foundation†
Good Words Foundation
Harman Family Foundation
Henlopen Foundation
The Illinois No. 3 Foundation
The J.M. Kaplan Fund
National Grid Foundation
Momentum Fund
The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
New York State Health Foundation†
The Prospect Hill Foundation†
The Seedworks Foundation 
Select Equity Group Foundation†
Sills Family Foundation
Simons Foundation†
The Steedman Family Foundation
The Warburg Pincus Foundation†
The Wheeler Foundation
†Employee Matching Program


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Anonymous (62) 
1834 Project
Siobhan Adcock
Nawaaz Ahmed
Alexandra Alger
The Alice Greene McKinney and
     E. Kirk McKinney, Jr. Fund
Laura Allen
Mark E. Almeida
Jolen Anderson
John Anner
Cecil Apostol
Jason Baer
William Bailey
Lori Barth and Bob Werb
Christian Bastian
Debra Bechtel
James Beck
Laurie Becker 
Sarah Begeman
Melisa Bell Reinhart
Aquiba Benarroch
Ingrid Benedict
Grace Bennett
Christine Benson
Shari Berman Pascarosa and
     Jack Pascarosa
Adele Bernhard and Peter Neufeld
Martha Berry and Curtis Cravens
Jonathan Bines
Justin Blanchard
Amy Bonderoff
Nancy Borowick
Ambriel Bostic
Helen Duncan and
     F. Bowie Duncan
Christine Bragan
Josh and Lauren Brand
Margot Brandenburg
Bridge Family Fund
David Brisske
Eric Brochard
David Brown
Maria Buck
Paul Campbell
Jocelyn Castillo
Sarah Chasin
Rishi Chhabria
Constance Christensen
Cecilia Clarke and John Born
Beth Cohen
Marjorie and William Coleman
Andrea Compton
Edward Cone
Annie Coombs and Dave Algoso
Kimberly and Daniel Corash
Torin Cornell
Terrance Coyne
Robin Cullen
Mallory Curran
Kevin Currey
Sarah Curtis
Barbara Dahl
Samara Daly
Katharine and Peter Darrow
David and Zita Bram
      Family Charitable Fund
Molly Day
Maite De Rue
Mark Dean
Marla Dekker
Alana Denison
Arielle DiGiacomo and Zack Boger
Laura W. Dillon
Mackenna Dombroski
Bernard Dufresne
Danielle Durchslag
Christopher Edmonds
Samantha Egan
David Eichenthal
Allegra and Morgan Eifler
Jennifer and Steven Eisenstadt
James Elder
Marko Elgart
Kathleen and Henry Elsesser
Joan Erskine
Eliza and Jason Factor
Steve Fahrer
Mark Feigen
Sophie and Andrew Ferrer
Zackary Filbert
Jonathan Finer
Matthew Fishbein
Alan and Judith Fishman 
Isabelle and William FitzGerald
Thomas Flaschen
Emily Fletcher
Rebekah Flohr
Blake and Andrew Foote
Ellen Foote
Leena Gandhi
Isabel Garcia
Raja Ghosh
Elizabeth and Lawrence Gile
Michael Gillespie and Lauren Glant
Julie Glynn
Joshua Goldberg
The Golden Family Fund
Julia Goldstein
Lily Goldstein
Rebekah Gowler
Sandi and Colvin Grannum
Alice and Robin Griffiths
Stephanie and Jason Gromek
Sarah Weir and Peter J. Grossman  
Nicole Gueron and Carter Strickland
Judith Gueron
Gunderson Dettmer
Elazar Guttman
Hope A. Hagler
Steven Hakusa
Lulu Hall
Ellen Hallsworth
Erika Halstead and Jeffrey Goldberg
Ellen and Scott Hand
Anne Harris
Jessica Harrison Fullerton
Elizabeth Haviland
Joseph Heath
Candice Heberer
Jessica Hempel
David Herbstman
Anne D. Herrmann
Isabel Hill
China Hoffman
Amanda and Jarrett Hoffman
Akintayo Holder
Horace and Amy Hagedorn Fund
     in The New York Community Trust
Catherine Hovey
Irena Huang
Marcie Imberman
InfoEd Global
Stephanie and Tim Ingrassia
David Israel
Babbie Jacobs
Zul and Melissa Jamal
Anne January and Paul Van Horn
JellyFish Fund
Paul Johnson
Kimberley Jordan
Genevieve Kahr and Daniel Freedberg
Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Justin Stewart
Susan Kath and Steven Schindler
Katherine Kelley
Jessie Kelly
Sally F. King
Amanda King
Emily and Michael Kirven 
Rosalie Kissel
Marion and Frederick Kneip
Kristen and Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte
Isabelle Lagarde
Stephanie Lai
Dune Lawrence
Sabrina and Matthew LeBlanc
Katy Lederer and Ben Statz
Lisa Lee
Shannon Lee
Jackson Lehr
Mary Lesley Carson
Philip Li
Vivian Liao Korich and Daniel Korich
Amy Linden
John Lipsky
Patricia Lowry and John Touhey
Jona Lundborg
Casey Lynam
John MacIntosh
Luis Madrigal Santana
Betsy Mallow and Jeremy Robbins
Jenna Mandel-Ricci
Anup Mankar
Jean Marie Lien
Jamie and Marty Markowitz
Leslie Marshall and Mauro Premutico
Harsha and Meera Marti
Jimena Martinez and Michael Hirschhorn
Jamie Massam
Victoria Matsui
Matthew Mulligan
Kyle McCabe
Pamela and Joseph McCarthy
Teddy McGehee
Sara Mejias Gonzalez
Elizabeth and Matthew Melcher Luckett 
Noa Meyer and Edward Minoff
Ryan Millager
Amanda Moffat
Marji Molavi
Richard and Barbara Moore
Maitri K. Morarji and Vivek Amir Menezes
Orli Nativ and Colin McGurk
Laura Naylor
Mary Negro
Madeline Neumiller
Raven Noir
Michael Northrop
Jason Novack
Michael Odmark
Janet and David Offensend
Matthew O'Neill
Roslyn Orgel
Dalit Paradis
Anne Pasternak
Matias Pelenur
Charles H. Perris
Katharine E. Perris
Rachael Peters
Chris Petersen
Catherine Phelan
Kyle Pierce
Rachel and AJ Pires
Liz Pitofsky
Abigail Pohlman and Kenan Arkan
Lise Porter and Arthur Matin
Ben Posel
Katherine Profeta
Natalie Proulx
Rosanne Pugliese
Rachel Quitkin
Leela Ramnath
Megan and Matthew Rand
Emily Redwood
Wendy Reitmeier
Susan and Peter Restler
Alexandra Richards
Alexandra Romano
Carley Roney and David Liu
Anouk and Matthew Roose
Connie and Ted Roosevelt 
Rebecca Rosenberg
Daniel Ross
Eliza and James Rossman
Lisa and Daniel Roth
Amy and Greg Rowland
Madeline Rudden
Roy Salame
Nancy Sands
Connie and John Sargent
Alicia Scardetta
Maxine Schaffer and Sharon Fay
Naomi Schmidt
Emily Schriebl
Gabriel Schwartz and Jolie Curtsinger Schwartz
Jessica Schwartz
Gregg Schwartzkopf
Matthew Scult
Marissa Shadburn
Seema Shah
Jean Sharkey
Carla Shen and Christopher Schott
Caroline Sikes
Hildy Simmons and David Sprafkin
Charles Smith
Susan Sommer and Stephen Warnke
Merrill Sovner
Daniel Soyer
Walter Speight Carr
Sarah Spencer
Christopher Stack
Starry Night Fund
Cary Stathopoulos
Diane and Joseph Steinberg
Jeanette Stokes
Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer
Sofia Syed
Jordan Tamagni and Michael Schlein
Seble Tareke-Williams
Karen Tayeh
Susannah Taylor and Phil Marriott
Tupper W. Thomas
Anna Tibbetts
Rabbi Rachel Timoner
Emily Toder
Ariane Turley
Kevin Uhrich
Lisa Vehrenkamp
Carl Vitullo
Vocal Minority
Clementine von Radics
Wach Family Fund
Geraldine Watson
Wesley Weissberg
Elaine Welteroth
Susan and Neil Whoriskey 
Trevor Wiessmann
Sarah Williams and Andrew Kimball 
Olivia Williams
Amelia and James Wilson
Ellen Winn
Hanna Wintz
Anthony Wong
Nancy Woodruff
Jeanna M. Wright
Karen Wu
Sharon Wurtzel and Jeff Walker
Rudolph Wynter
Luna Yasui
Zachary Yeskel
Eve Yohalem and Nicholas Polsky
Nicole Zeiss

We value the support of each and every one of our donors. For brevity, this list reflects all donors who contributed $250 or more to our Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund from March 13 to September 21, 2020. We make every effort to list names correctly and apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact our Donor Services team with any corrections at