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Immigrant Rights Fund


Sabrina Hargrave
Director of Programs (She/Her/Ella)

After an arduous and dangerous journey to the United States, many asylum seekers are now being sent to New York City. As a sanctuary city, New York has long been a welcoming home for those seeking refuge. However, our city and its institutions were not yet prepared for the influx arriving daily. Learn about our partners who have stepped up to support asylum seekers at this critical time.

Dr. Jocelynne Rainey
President & CEO (She/Her/Hers)

In her monthly column, Brooklyn Community Foundation President and CEO Dr. Jocelynne Rainey shares reflections and stories of impact from our work across Brooklyn.

Liane Stegmaier
Vice President of Communications and Strategy (She/Her/Hers)

2021 continued the extraordinary generosity we have seen since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This enabled us to distribute over $13 million to nonprofits from our Community Fund and Donor Advised Fund programs last year—a new grantmaking record for Brooklyn Community Foundation!

Jameela Syed
Communications Manager (She/Her/Hers)

"From that moment on, I was destined to follow my heart, to continue to live my truth as a Black gay man, to always stand up for what I saw as right, even if I stood alone." - Uchechukwu Onwa

Liane Stegmaier
Vice President of Communications and Strategy (She/Her/Hers)

Today, we are excited to announce over $4.4 million in multiyear grantmaking commitments to 25 nonprofits advancing racial justice and advocating for long-term change in our borough, made possible with the critical continued support of our donors.

As we look ahead to a new Presidency, we know that there is an incredible amount of work to be done. And we need to equip nonprofits with the funding and resources to get started on day one.


Sabrina Hargrave
Director of Programs (She/Her/Ella)

We are pleased to announce $390,000 in new support from our Immigrant Rights Fund for 13 immigrant-led organizations that are advocating for systemic change and providing critical services to immigrants across Brooklyn. 


As we near the three year anniversary of our Immigrant Rights Fund, we are pleased to announce our largest disbursement of quarterly grants from the fund to date: $255,000 to 18 immigrant-serving, immigrant-led organizations across Brooklyn.


Last month, our donors responded to the threats of widespread ICE arrests with an outpouring of support that raised nearly $35,000 for our Immigrant Rights Fund. With those crucial funds, we were able to issue two new Immediate Response grants.