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Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month with Lawanna Kimbro

Brooklyn Community Foundation is proud to celebrate Black Philanthropy Month by highlighting leaders within our own organization—and we encourage you to follow the hashtag #bpm2022 on social media and pledge your support for Black-led nonprofits across Brooklyn!

Our Board Member Lawanna Kimbro, Managing Director of the Stardust Fund, shared with us her thoughts on the meaning of philanthropy—acknowledging its history of harm—and the critical need to center community in this work:

"Philanthropy (at its best) is a sober reckoning with the field’s complicity in replicating the very systems of harm that it purports to dismantle. Philanthropy is an unapologetic call-to-action for us to stand in the breach by listening to the will and priorities set by our communities, providing sustainable support and then moving out of the way!"

Jameela Syed

Communications Manager (She/Her/Hers)
Brooklyn Community Foundation is proud to celebrate Black Philanthropy Month by highlighting leaders within our organization