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SCOTUS Gun Ruling Deals Blow to Brooklyn and All New Yorkers

We don’t need more guns on our streets, but the Supreme Court just gave the green light for people to conceal and carry in New York. This ruling deals a blow to Brooklyn neighborhoods impacted by skyrocketing gun violence and will be used to weaponize communities in this borough, across New York State, and nationally.  This is a dark day for all of us. And it comes as we were making progress with new common sense gun regulations, thanks to legislation passed by Governor Hochul and the state legislature. Furthermore, it seriously hampers Mayor Adams’ ability to make our streets safer, as he is working hard to do. Guns kill. Allowing people to conceal and carry just because they want to, will only lead to more death. It leaves me and the Brooklyn Community Foundation greatly worried for our Brooklyn youth and families.

Guns don't keep people safe; jobs, education, and strong social bonds do. And we are grateful for the nonprofits in our borough that are doing this critical work. These organizations will face a harder road with the SCOTUS ruling, but we have faith in their efforts and missions in leading us forward to brighter days.


Dr. Jocelynne Rainey

President & CEO (She/Her/Hers)