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New RFP: Wellness and Recovery Fund

We are now accepting applications for our new Wellness and Recovery Fund, which will support organizations working to ensure that those who navigate the difficult road of substance abuse and addiction do so with reliable support that honors their agency and dignity. 

The Fund's community advisory council will determine $2.2 million in grants for community-led responses to substance abuse treatment, substance misuse, addiction, harm reduction services, and systems change efforts that directly impact the lives of people in recovery and people living with addiction. 

In addition, Brooklyn Community Foundation will provide a range of capacity building services, informed by organizational community partners, which may include workshops and coaching focused on fundraising, financial management, and strategic planning.

The Fund, formerly referred to as the Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction Fund, was created from charitable assets that remained after the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) dissolved Canarsie A.W.A.R.E., Inc. for its participation in a scheme that exploited some of New York’s most vulnerable residents and defrauded Medicaid.

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Beatriz Beckford

Program Officer (She/Her/Ella)