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Prepare Your Brooklyn Voting Plan

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“The most important thing I think, as Michelle Obama said, is have a [voting] plan. You have three options…the first thing is to just come to a decision as to what lane you want to travel down.”

– Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08)

Voting during a pandemic presents obvious challenges—the best way to face them is by preparing a voting plan. Decide how, when, and where you will vote in the upcoming election. This year, there are several options available to you:


If you choose to vote in New York State by absentee ballot, please note that this is a 3-step process: first you apply for your absentee ballot, then you receive and complete the ballot, and finally you can cast your absentee ballot (more on that below).

  1. Apply for your absentee ballot by Tuesday, October 27th - you can apply online, via email, fax, over the phone, or by mail.
    If you choose to apply by mail, please note that The New York State Board of Elections has warned that "despite this deadline, the Post Office has advised they cannot guarantee timely delivery of ballots applied for less than 15 days before an election."

    Apply for your ballot at You can track the status of your absentee ballot application here, and find all deadlines for absentee voting in New York State here

  2. Complete your absentee ballot according to the instructions on the ballot. ​

  3. Cast your absentee ballot using one of the following options:
  • Send it in the mail, confirming it is postmarked no later than November 3rd.
  • Bring it to the County Board of Elections Office before 9pm on November 3rd. The Brooklyn Borough Office is located at 345 Adams Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.
  • Bring it to an early voting poll site from October 24th - November 1st.
  • Bring it to a poll site before 9pm on November 3rd (Election Day). 

​If you decide to drop off your ballot, please note that the drop-off site may be different depending on if you drop it off during the early voting period vs. on Election Day itself. Check to confirm your nearest Election Day poll site.

*Many Brooklyn voters recently received absentee ballots with return envelopes addressed to the wrong person. According to the Board of Elections, "Voters should expect to begin receiving replacement ballots during the week of 10/09/2020."


To beat the crowds on Election Day, you have the option to vote early (in-person), between Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, November 1stAs long as you are registered to vote, you can vote during this time. 

To find your individual polling site, visit Please note that your assigned early voting site is likely different than your election day polling site—so it is recommended that you double check where you will be voting at that link. And while unique Brooklyn venues like the Kings Theater and Barclays Center are hosting early voting this year, you can only vote at your assigned site.

Early voting information for the five boroughs, including voting hours and polling sites, can be found at


Of course, you can choose to vote in-person on November 3rd from 6am - 9pm. Locate your election day polling site at

*Please Note: Even if you applied for an absentee ballot, you can still vote in-person instead of using your absentee ballot, either during the Early Voting window or on Election Day.

Create your voting plan today—and encourage your friends and family to do the same!


Jameela Syed

Communications Manager (She/Her/Hers)
Even if you applied for an absentee ballot, you can still vote in-person instead of using your absentee ballot, either during the Early Voting window or on Election Day.​