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Our Commitment to Brooklyn in This Moment

Dear Foundation partners,
I write this in the hope that you, your family, and your community are safe. I know that many of us feel anxious and helpless, but the good news is we are not powerless. Brooklyn is in this together, and I have faith that as a community we can support the most vulnerable among us.  
At the Foundation, we believe this is the moment to be as generous as possible. Last Friday, in anticipation of surging community need due to the impact of the coronavirus, the Foundation’s Board of Directors initiated the creation of the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund. To that end, the Board has agreed to increase spending from our endowment to help address the urgent needs of our neighbors and nonprofits.
These are unprecedented times and we are prepared and positioned to act swiftly and generously. We hope you will join us—please consider making a donation to the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund to support organizations providing lifelines for our vulnerable neighbors. 
We know you are already thinking of ways to help your loved ones, neighbors, and fellow Brooklynites. This is one way you can make a meaningful difference: 

Support the Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund 

How We Are Responding:
• We are reviewing emergency funding requests through a streamlined application process
• Across all of our funding areas, we are delaying reporting requirements for grantees until further notice 
• To help nonprofits work under these extraordinary conditions, we have compiled a growing list of resources
In addition, our donors and Donor Advised Fund holders can still expect the same level of support and service from our team, and all grant recommendations will be processed within 10 business days so that we can ensure nonprofits receive your critical support as quickly as possible.  
We’re Here For You: As a community foundation, our experience organizing resources in response to crisis makes us uniquely equipped to face the challenges of this moment. Please know that while we are working remotely, our team is here to answer your questions and offer whatever support is needed.
Today and every day, we are so grateful for your generosity to our communities. As Brooklyn's motto reminds us, "Een Draght Mackt Maght"—in unity there is strength
Cecilia Clarke
President & CEO 

Cecilia Clarke

President & CEO
We know you are already thinking of ways to help your loved ones, neighbors, and fellow Brooklynites. This is one way you can make a meaningful difference.