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Fair and Just Fellow Heather McGhee on MLK, Race, and Democracy

“Dr. King mentioned this idea that racism is an ill that is not only poisonous to people of color, but it's something that rots at the soul of white people—and that it fundamentally weakens our democracy and makes the United States a much poorer country than it could be otherwise."

– Heather McGhee

Tune into the latest episode of BRIC TV’s 112BK for an inspiring conversation with our Fair and Just Fellow Heather McGhee.

She discusses her role as the Foundation’s first fellow, writing her first book about the costs of racism, and the big issues facing our country today.

You can watch 112BK on YouTube or stream the podcast version on any of these platforms:  

Learn more about the Fair and Just Fellowship here.


Liane Stegmaier

Chief of Staff (She/Her/Hers)