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What Can I Do?

This is the question we’re hearing now, from all over the borough. 

And we have an answer. 

As your community foundation, we can be a connection to courageous and effective organizations working to support Brooklyn’s most vulnerable residents. 

Just days after the election, a small but mighty organization serving Mexican immigrants in Sunset Park told us they are overwhelmed with calls from deeply anxious families whose status is not secure and who are terrified of being separated from their children. 

It quickly became clear to us—we need to act and we need to act now. 

In the face of isolation, we must build community.

In the face of fear, we must strengthen local lifelines.

In the face of trauma, we must support hope and healing.

In the face of division, we must come together.

So our answer is:

In the face of uncertainty, join us in taking action. 

By making a donation to Brooklyn Community Foundation, you are supporting outstanding community-led, local nonprofits.

In fact, we make it a point to fund organizations led by members of affected communities—leaders who often face the same challenges as the people they serve: threats of violence, discrimination, deportation, grief and fear.

Too many Brooklyn organizations are trying to wage this battle with shockingly few resources. Now is the time to be generous.

More than ever, your support is needed to lift up organizations fighting for the dignity and respect of all Brooklyn residents. 

Thank you for helping to make Brooklyn a safe, inclusive and loving community for everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Cecilia C. Clarke
President and CEO

PS: As always, 100% of your contribution goes directly to local nonprofits.

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Cecilia Clarke

President & CEO
More than ever, your support is needed to lift up organizations fighting for the dignity and respect of all Brooklyn residents.